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Anthony Hilton: A resolution for UK Plc and people who can help

By 04/01/2018June 3rd, 2021No Comments

Anthony Hilton’s recent article in the Evening Standard endorses Strategia Worldwide’s unique approach to risk management and highlights industry’s growing demand for “rapid crisis response and regular searching reviews” – capabilities well proven within Strategia.

“General Sir Richard Shirreff… has set up what is already a much sought-after consultancy, Strategia Worldwide.”

Richard Shirreff and co-founder Iain Pickard have made strong leadership, an understanding of the relationship between risks  and robust strategic planning, drawn from military campaign planning, central to Strategia Worldwide’s approach. This unique approach is now tried and tested in the extractives, real estate and increasingly across financial services sectors.

“Strategia’s… purpose is to help companies protect value by understanding risk and designing strategy to manage it comprehensively by deploying multi-disciplinary teams drawn from different sectors and applying a rigorous strategic planning process grounded in military campaign planning.”

Anthony Hilton’s article goes on to review the lessons learnt from Airmic’s (Association of Insurance and Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce) ‘Roads to Ruin’ report, commissioned in 2011 and the ‘The five golden rules of resilience’ drawn from the follow on report ‘Roads to Resilience’ published in 2014:

  • good, properly interpreted intelligence
  • sufficient diversity to avoid group-think
  • fluid and effective internal communications so information gets where it is needed
  • rapid crisis response
  • regular searching reviews even when things are going well

“all qualities far more common in the military than in business.”

Click here to read the article in full.