Associate Director Alex Newton Book Launch: ‘The Business of Human Rights: Best Practice and the UN Guiding Principles’

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Congratulations to Strategia’s Associate Director Alex Newton on the launch of her new book, ‘The Business of Human Rights: Best Practice and the UN Guiding Principles’. Officially launched by Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner, Ed Stantow, at the UNSW’s Innovate Rights Conference in Sydney. 

Alex’s book tracks some of the major global developments in business and human rights, including the emergence of foreign, transnational, and international law and the proliferation of multi-stakeholder initiatives on business and human rights. It clearly outlines business’ responsibility to respect human rights and what practical steps businesses can take to minimize their risks. Case studies from a range of sectors and industries – such as extractives, apparel, fast-moving consumer goods, electronics, and banking and finance – illustrate the enormous risks and opportunities human rights pose for business in practice.


“In a world in which ESG is firmly part of the landscape, successful risk management depends on shared prosperity between companies and communities if value is to be protected. Fundamental to this is an understanding of the business value of human rights. ‘The Business of Human Rights’ is a ‘must read’ for all business leaders who want to understand the environment in which business will increasingly be conducted.”

Sir Richard Shirreff, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Strategia Worldwide. Formerly NATO’s Deputy Supreme Commander Europe.

“The old business mantra that human rights are matters for politicians is even less valid in today’s world of full transparency and media- and social media-intrusive scrutiny than it ever was. Corporate reputations can stand or fall on their treatment of human rights – see the hugely costly damage to the bottom lines of those global corporates complicit in ex-South African President Zuma’s corruption. I strongly recommend Alex’s ‘The Business of Human Rights’ as a straight-forward and engaging guide for business executives, public officials and students.”

Lord Peter Hain, Former British Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament. Senior Advisor, Strategia Worldwide.

“The Business of Human Rights provides both a powerful argument for why businesses should take on the protection of human rights and a thoroughly practical guide book to how they can do so. It should be on the required reading list of every human rights activist and every corporate executive.”

Michael W. Doyle, Columbia University, former UN Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Planning and Special Adviser to SG Kofi Annan