Crisis Management

Crisis Management is the means by which an organisation responds to and confronts a major event that threatens the reputational, commercial or strategic interests of an organisation.

Today’s uncertain, volatile and highly interconnected global environment places organisations at a greater risk than ever from an unexpected crisis. A robust risk register and rigorous planning will help mitigate risks but inevitably Murphy’s Law, ‘anything that can go wrong, will go wrong’ will strike, and usually at the worst possible time.

The key is to be ready to respond; to plan and train in order to develop the intellectual muscle memory capable of responding to the crisis when it comes. Strategia Worldwide’s unique combination of commercial and military expertise makes us ideally suited to supporting organisations with bespoke crisis management planning and training. Crisis management teams are designed to meet the needs of the client but will typically draw together industry, technical and regional expertise underpinned by military crisis management experience.

We work in partnership with our clients to ensure we deliver robust, practical and affordable solutions.  We offer a range of crisis management services including crisis management planning, training, communications planning and crisis event support.



A major global commodities company wished to test their strategic resilience to changing geopolitical risk, specifically focusing on supply and demand threats in their regions of greatest exposure.


Strategia applied its business gaming methodology to test the company’s strategic resilience. Working together with the client our team of seven subject matter experts designed and developed a range of challenging scenarios, incorporating geopolitical, economic, reputational, cyber and other risks, to test and assess the client’s executive level strategy and decision-making processes. Two business games were played out in a series of phases over a three-month period.


The executive leadership team felt they had been rigorously tested. Potential vulnerabilities and opportunities were identified and important lessons were learned about strategic decision making. Strategic resilience has been enhanced and value better protected. As a result, the client feels they are better placed to face future strategic challenges.



A comprehensive risk diagnosis by a small team highlighted existential challenges to a Tier 1 gold mining company’s Licence to Operate (LTO), and therefore to company operations as a whole.


Following withdrawal of license and closure of mine, a team deployed to write the LTO strategy needed to protect company value and reputation, drawing on the earlier risk assessment. As a result, their license was restored .


The client is now in a position to implement a strategy for mitigating risk across the business and achieve its long-term vision. Value protected: $2 billion.



Prevention of access to mine by violent protesters leading to project delay and an unforeseen cost, tens of $m per week, that was threatening the company’s balance sheet.


A partner deployed to assess the situation working with the client’s security manager – supported up by Strategia’s regional and ESG expertise on a ‘reach back’ basis. Consultation with company staff, local and national level stakeholders, along with physical reconnaissance of the area, revealed that the issue was multi-dimensional, involving third parties who were active ‘behind the scene’. We then ran a workshop with the mine’s management to explore options to resolve the impasse.


our recommendations prevented an escalation of the situation that would have been disastrous for the company’s long-term License to Operate.

“Strategia worked with our team on-the-ground to quickly understand, analyse, and propose concrete solutions for a number of complex and inter-connected problems we were facing. The approach they used allowed us to situate the problems that mining companies face in a broader context and develop strategies to better manage risk”

Kelvin DushniskyPresident Barrick Gold

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