Strategia integrates the technical and non-technical elements of cyber security into its analysis and recommendations, providing insights and solutions that align with assessed threats, vulnerabilities and current best-practice.  We tailor teams of experts to support a project or can provide an experienced cyber lead where the confidentiality, integrity or availability of a client’s information and processes, or data protection, are identified as key risks.



A major property company owning a significant area of central London wanted to understand and assess their risks.


We conducted a risk assessment which demonstrated that the risks they faced were much wider than those they had anticipated.


This has caused them to refocus their approach to risk management, to include reputational, cyber and social risk – as well as operational and financial risk.

What our clients say

“Using their comprehensive approach, the Strategia team took us out of our normal comfort zone and helped us understand the full spectrum of risks the Estate faces, not just the financial and operational risks we have focused on in the past. In particular, they helped us understand the importance of reputational and cyber risks in our complex environment – and what we needed to do about them.”

Peter GriffithCompany Secretary, The Howard de Walden Estate

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