Former NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe Launches Strategia Worldwide Ltd

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Former NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe Launches Strategia Worldwide Ltd

with new approach to strategic risk management

09 Feb, 2016 – Strategic risk management consultancy Strategia Worldwide Ltd, founded by NATO’s former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Sir Richard Shirreff and former COO at leading insurance broker Marsh UK, Iain Pickard launched today in London.

Strategia Worldwide Ltd applies a comprehensive approach to strategic risk management for major capital projects in complex, uncertain and volatile environments – in UK and overseas. Unlike competitors, Strategia integrates the management of complex, inter-related risk (political, social, security, environmental, regulatory and cyber, as well as technical and financial) using its unique Analysis, Campaign Design & Deliver (ACDD™) methodology.

Based on proven strategic ‘campaign planning’ methodology developed by the military over the last twenty years, but adapted for the commercial environment, it allows the identification and management of risks at the outset of a project, supports project recovery when the unexpected strikes and provides assurance to Boards requiring ‘viability statements’ that look 2-5 years out, thus meeting the new regulatory requirement of the Financial Reporting Council in the UK and similar requirements overseas. It can also assist investors assess the risks of a project, provide assurance that they have been correctly identified and analysed and that there are credible contingency plans in place to manage them.

Strategia also works with insurance industry partners to ensure the Total Cost of Risk is understood and has a proven track record in reducing such costs for their clients.

“We partner with our clients to identify and manage inter-related risks and reduce their costs in increasingly complex, volatile and difficult operating environments. We do this by joining our forces together with the client’s, building consensus with other stakeholders and applying our framework to design and implement forward-looking plans. We then ensure that these solutions are the ones that best suit their organisations, that ultimately protect their reputation and enhance their shareholder value.” Sir Richard Shirreff

Strategia Worldwide Ltd brings together combined senior expertise from the military, political, diplomatic, law-enforcement, humanitarian, social development, strategic communications, cyber and insurance worlds and operates in the UK and overseas. To date Strategia has worked in the mining and extractive sectors and is now looking to broaden its portfolio to include oil and gas, renewables, agribusiness and major infrastructure projects.

“This proven strategic risk management model has wide application to any company that is having to identify and manage risk and make far reaching investment decisions, or has major operational issues, in complex environments.” Iain Pickard.

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