Minex Eurasia 2018, London

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Strategia Worldwide Co-Founder, Richard Shirreff, took part in a panel debate on ‘successful business in Eurasia’ at the recent Minex Eurasia Forum. Richard and his co-panelists Hélène de Villiers-Piaget, CEO at the Responsible Mining Foundation, and Sergey Stanovkin, Director of Communications at Fathers Capital, discussed topics including responsible mining, applications of risk management to the host nation in a mining project and the importance of adopting a comprehensive approach to managing risk.

“MINEX Eurasia Mining and Exploration Forum is the key London event for companies looking to invest in mining and supply chain companies operating in Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Russia.”

Richard argued that the failure of many mining projects was the failure to think through risk comprehensively. Rather than charging in, companies should stand back and look at their goals and what is required to achieve these. Companies should also understand that there is a symbiotic relationship between risks and that they can’t be addressed in ‘silos’.

Following the panel debate Richard answered questions on how the Strategia Worldwide approach to risk management can help miners and investors in Eurasia.