Expertise: Policy, governance, strategy and planning, sports, tourism and events.

Locations: South Africa, Fiji, Europe (based in UK).

Throughout her career, Alison has advised Government ministers and leading sporting bodies locally and internationally, her experience combines the flavours of education, youth development, social impact and sport from community to the highest level.

A proven leader with contemporary experience of driving structural and business process reforms, leading strategy as well as policy formulation to improve the delivery of government and other services to support social inclusion and innovation to guide transformation journeys in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty. Also experienced in front line management of governance reform program, setting strategic direction and pushing boundaries to advance a cause and deliver change through leadership positions. This is complemented by senior positions in the private sector allowing seamless transition between the application of business model and improvement strategies. Mobilises diverse workforces with integrity to deliver efficiencies and fosters strategic and commercial partnerships to engage key stakeholders.