Expertise: Mining.

Locations: Global (UK based).

Carl Nicholas is an Environmental Impact specialist, with 15 years’ experience in the mining industry.  He has been involved in leading ESIAs and permitting for mining companies, from conception through to construction.  He has been involved in numerous multidisciplinary teams that are required to successfully develop Environmental and Social Impact Assessments for complex projects in sectors such as mining, major infrastructure, and oil/gas projects.

Carl is an experienced environmental and social manager and Chartered Environmentalist with 10 years’ experience and a wide range of skills, from permitting through environmental and social impact assessment, development and implementation of management plans and into closure and rehabilitation.  Roles have included scoping stages through to development and management of ESIAs, management of public consultations, and discussions with relevant authorities when required.  His project experience includes exploration phases, operations and reclamation of closed mines, in-country site management, managing contractors and directing operators and engineers on environmental and social issues.  He has worked frequently with government departments to implement best practice technologies on mine sites.

Other areas of expertise include compliance monitoring of mining activities and minewater discharge management, particularly with respect to acid drainage and including the use of both active and passive treatment technologies.  Compliance monitoring roles include collection of field samples, development of sampling plans and procedures, and training of mine personnel in appropriate sampling methods.  Carl has also been involved in the analysis, interpretation, reporting and presentation of sample results.

Carl is a Chartered Environmentalist and Professional Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.  He has an MSc Environmental Diagnosis (Distinction) from Imperial College, London, and a BSC (Hons) Biodiversity Conservation and Management (First Class) from the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.