Expertise: International law, human rights, security law and policy, stakeholder mapping and engagement, risk assessment.

Locations: Global (UK based).

Shavana is a recognised expert within the fields of international law, human rights, security law and policy and has worked on leading projects relating to social compliance and business and human rights. She has conducted complex stakeholder mapping projects in Asia, Latin America and Africa. She has assisted governments, international organisations and private entities and has extensive experience providing advice and guidance on the implementation of human rights policies to companies within the extractive, renewable energy, retail, agricultural, cyber and military industries. This includes developing strategy to reduce social and political risk in fragile and conflict-affected areas and bringing together multi-stakeholder groups for a more holistic approach to risk management. Shavana sits on the Board for the Information Assurance Advisory Council and is also a member of a number of global arbitration bodies such as the International Council for Commercial Arbitration.