Expertise: Extractives risk, security, crisis management.
Locations: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Egypt; EMEA and South Asia.

Gabriel brings more than a decade of experience in security consulting on strategic projects, tactical operations, and security policy issues.  Since 2008 he has worked throughout the Middle East/North Africa region and extensively across Europe, both on operational deployments and in a strategic consultancy capacity.

He has delivered numerous security projects for the energy and infrastructure sectors, including global and regional audits, strategic route selection, security strategy/policy development, and crisis management capacity building programs.  He has executed major consulting projects for a wide range of leading companies across multiple sectors, including pharmaceutical, defence, financial services, other professional services, media, and hospitality/tourism.  In 2011, he was shortlisted for the International Security Consultant of the Year Award for his work evacuating over 400 personnel from crisis-affected countries during the ‘Arab Spring’, and for developing response protocols and Business Continuity Management measures for organizations operating within those locations.

He is the author of a definitive industry text on Oil & Gas security strategy and numerous pieces for industry publications, and has spoken on television and radio about the challenges of operating in unstable environments.  He is a graduate of Cambridge University; a member of the Special Forces Club; and speaks English, French, German and Japanese.