Expertise: Political and social.
Locations: Italy, Balkans, Turkey, ME, Central Asia.

As a former Political Advisor, Hasan worked with NATO as a high ranking civilian international staff member for 12 years.

At NATO, he advised the Commander, providing background knowledge, analysis and assessment on world events, with emphasis on potential risks and possible outcomes. He also represented the Command at Political/Civilian domains, supported operations planning and execution, and participated in training, education, public information and strategic communication efforts.

As a career diplomat for 22 years, Hasan served in Iraq, Italy, Yugoslavia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Saudi Arabia, and at the OSCE (Austria), in different capacities, mostly as Chief of Mission. His tenures coincided with major crisis of those regions and he managed missions during the Iran-Iraq War, the Balkans crises and the Caucasus disputes.

Today, his areas of expertise encompass several disciplines, including: international relations, global security issues and conflict/risk management, with a geographical focus on the former Soviet states, the Middle East, Africa, Islamic World and maritime/energy transportation.

A native Turkish speaker, Hasan is fluent in English, Azeri and Italian and can converse in German, French and Portuguese.