Expertise: Financial Services, Business Development, Integration and Change Management, Leadership.
Locations: Global (UK based).

A proven board-level operator across a variety of sectors and geographies, with experience in building and managing businesses and supporting entrepreneurs. Experience includes 10 years working in the financial services sector in the UK, developing a business into a significant acquisition target of a FTSE-100 company, and subsequently playing a key role in the integration of that business.Further experience in southern Africa, developing greenfield projects across a number of sectors.
Commercially capable, with the discipline to chase continual efficiency gains and performance improvement, but with a risk-oriented mindset and instinct to understand and appreciate regulatory and compliance constraints. Proven ability to operate in difficult environments with limitations on time and resources.  A collaborator and consensus builder, with the ability to bridge differences between stakeholders. Strategic, long-term thinker with the energy and commitment to thrive in demanding theatres of operations. Commercial career underpinned by 6 years of intensive leadership training & operational experience in the British Army. Educated in the UK to degree level; French & Spanish speaker.