Expertise: Defence and security, strategic transformations, complex multi-party negotiations, regulations and industrial policy.

Locations: UK, Australia, Singapore, Middle East (based in UAE).

Susanna is an international strategic defence and security professional with more than 30 years’ experience in the corporate, government and civil sectors with a focus on developing new approaches to optimising value for money for the taxpayer and profitability for industry. She spent 8 years as Director General Commercial for the UK Ministry of Defence focusing on major procurements, industrial strategy, exports and implementing Sing Source regulations law. She has worked internationally for PwC in UK, Australia, Singapore, and recently over four years as PwC Lead Partner for Defence in the Middle East.  Her advisory work has been focused on major transformation of military entities from implementation of accruals accounting, development of the Middle East Defence eco-systems, and support to Military Entities in their drive for efficiency and effectiveness from the front line to the back office. For industry, the support has been in market positioning, capability enhancements and strategy development in overseas markets. Since 2021 she has worked as an independent consultant based in the Middle East with clients across several countries. She supports government entities, Family firms, military entities and industry with transformation issues, major acquisition negotiations, commercial strategy and defence and security advice.