Expertise: Capacity building, Vocational programming, Risk Management, Project planning and management, Compliance.
Locations: Southern and Central Africa.

Born and raised in Southern and West Africa, Trudi is a former British Army Officer who has worked for 20+ years in commercial project management and training. Her upbringing and background ensures she can operate in any African environment, either independently or as part of a team. Her time spent working in Saudi Arabia gave her valuable perspectives on a very different culture.

Trudi recently completed a Masters in Development Management with The Open University, including studying the Demobilisation and Disarmament process in South Sudan in situ. Examples of other projects include creating the programme and running the training team delivering the Level 4 Security Risk Management in South Sudan to local CSOs; evaluation of this  programme and recommending changes post-feedback; advising clients on ISO audit requirements and accreditation process to become Awarding Centres for UK qualifications in various locations in East Africa; evaluation of Risk Management strategy against ISO 31000:2009 for a Collateral Management company.