Integrated Risk Management & Operational Excellence Practice: Proudfoot & Strategia

We partner with the world’s top company leaders and investors to accelerate value through risk management


In our combined approach, Proudfoot and Strategia Worldwide help expose unidentified risks and opportunities and unlock your organization’s full operational potential, to deliver your strategies on time, on budget – protecting and maximising shareholder value.


We work with our clients at every stage of a project to understand, design, test, implement and accelerate operational excellence — protecting client investments and realizing accelerated results today.


We combine 7 decades of organizational and operational transformation through people to achieve measurable results on your P&L. Using military best-practice methodologies, wide industry experience and technical know-how, we expand profitability, propel top line growth and deliver an agile workforce capable of understanding risk, crisis management, and world-class Target Operating Models to maximise value.


…protect your investment and transform any project to maximize value, implement operational excellence and understand, test, and manage risk even in the most complex and volatile environments?


Our Capabilities

Investment Feasibility and Operational Readiness

  • Internal/External Factor Analysis
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Pre-Project de-risk Roadmap
  • Safe Operations Behaviour Models
  • EPC Selection and Review
  • Social Responsibility Plan Design
  • Capability & Crewing Models

CapEx vs. Apex
Safe, Productive Project Development and Ramp-Up

  • Project Lifecycle Roadmap
    Operational Excellence
    Interrelated Risk Management
  • Safe Operations Behaviour Implementation
  • EPC Management
  • Social Responsibility Action Plan Implementation
  • Technical Leadership Capability Development

Crisis Management
Recovery from Foreseeable Risk or Post-Failure

  • Failure Root Cause Analysis
  • Failure Recovery Plan and Implementation
  • Capability Development Programs
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Risk and Operations Continuity Audits

Contact Us

To find out more or to speak to us about any of our services,  please contact us by email info@strategiaworldwide or call us on 07919 933696.

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