Risk Assessment

We support clients with detailed and rigorous understanding of their risks. We take a strategic approach, starting with risk governance more broadly.

There are two components to any risk management regime; firstly, the ‘risk culture’ and secondly the risk related organisation and people, policies and procedures, including the readiness to respond to risks (the ‘Risk Management Framework’). We can review the risk culture – the extent to which management is open to challenge – and the Risk Management Regime. We can also review risks, taking a thematic approach working ‘right to left’ by firstly, understanding the client’s strategy or business plan, then identifying the risks that can threaten it.

If necessary, we can focus in particular on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks, while keeping sight of related risks such as security – and the linkages between them.

We believe risk cannot be addressed in ‘silos’ as too often it is the combinations of risks that are the most toxic – and which clients need to be aware of. As a result, we take a comprehensive ‘360 degree’ approach that looks at financial, technical, political, societal, reputational, regulatory, security (including cyber), environmental risks etc.

The output from our risk assessments is a comprehensive report and, if required, a detailed risk register, prioritising risks based on likelihood and impact to your strategy. The risk report prioritises risks, identifies interdependencies and sets out ways to mitigate those risks. If required, we will then work with our clients to design an integrated risk management strategy.



A mining company with a concession to establish a gold mine in Cote D’Ivoire were given 12 months to monetize the mine. They asked for a full ‘360’ – technical and non technical – review of the risks to achieving this.


We partnered with a technical consultancy to conduct a risk assessment which identified that of the ten ‘showstoppers’, 8 were ‘non-technical’, ESG and security related risks.


The findings were a revelation for the CEO who admitted that he and his team had spent 80% of their time focused on only 20% of the (technical) risk. We put together an integrated risk management plan for the company to take to their investors.



Incoming CEO of a major African conservation charity requested a comprehensive risk assessment and risk register and security review.


Our Africa specialists conducted a bespoke ‘360’ risk assessment of the operations across Sub-Saharan Africa together with a detailed security review of the Head Office operation in Nairobi.


Risks which affected the client’s strategy were identified, followed by clear and incisive recommendations, giving the new CEO the basis for his 5 year strategic plan.



A major property company owning a significant area of central London wanted to understand and assess their risks.


We conducted a risk assessment which demonstrated that the risks they faced were much wider than those they had anticipated.


This has caused them to refocus their approach to risk management, to include reputational, cyber and social risk – as well as operational and financial risk.



A leading sports broadcaster required a comprehensive risk assessment in order to satisfy their insurers that they could safely cover a high-profile sporting event in Pakistan which – if successfully televised to the world – could set the conditions for Pakistan to return to the international cricket stage after an absence of 9 years due to the security situation in the country.


A two-man team from Strategia Worldwide with extensive experience in Pakistan conducted an initial reconnaissance followed by an in-depth analysis of the risks associated with the client delivering the task. An Associate Director then deployed with the client to provide day to day risk assessment and high-level liaison with the Pakistan security forces.


Armed with the Strategia Worldwide risk report, the client was able to secure insurance cover for the duration of the deployment. Not only was the original task a complete success, but the client was also able to compete for and win a further high profile event from a major media company as a direct result of being able to demonstrate their ability to operate in Pakistan.



At very short notice we were tasked to conduct a risk assessment for a company  considering the purchase of a mine in Central Asia.


We deployed within 36 hours and delivered an in-country risk assessment within 10 days.


Our report played a vital role in the Board decision making process.

"Strategia responded promptly to our request for an independent assessment of the geopolitical risks for a major new project in a politically sensitive region. The resulting report has provided management with a level and depth of insight into the relevant in-country risks as well as including suggestions as to how those risks might be managed during the various phases of the project that has proved (and will prove to be) most useful.

The Strategia team were at all times helpful, knowledgeable, efficient and responsive to our needs and we would not hesitate to recommend their services to those involved in similar projects."

Peter MeasuresRegional Legal Counsel, BW Offshore

“Strategia’s Africa specialists conducted a bespoke ‘360’ risk assessment of AWF operations across Sub-Saharan Africa together with a detailed security review of our Head Office operation in Nairobi. Risks which affected our strategy were identified, followed by clear and incisive recommendations. Strategia’s deep knowledge of the geo-political space we operate in, combined with their unparalleled on the ground practical experience gave us a unique opportunity to review our approach to risk.”

Tom Ogilvie-GrahamCEO Africa Wildlife Foundation

“Strategia’s proactive, integrated approach to managing risk in complex, difficult and challenging environments is unique. It has particular relevance to the mining industry, both for new projects, and for existing businesses which are in challenging circumstances.”

Tom AlbaneseCEO Vedanta

“Using their comprehensive approach, the Strategia team took us out of our normal comfort zone and helped us understand the full spectrum of risks the Estate faces, not just the financial and operational risks we have focused on in the past. In particular, they helped us understand the importance of reputational and cyber risks in our complex environment – and what we needed to do about them.”

Peter GriffithCompany Secretary, The Howard de Walden Estate

“Partnering with Strategia Worldwide for the production of a strategic risk assessment, for our work in support of the Pakistan Cricket Board, was an inspired choice. Not only was their team of risk experts able to identify and mitigate the complex challenges associated with working in Pakistan before our team deployed, but their support on the ground ensured not only the complete success of our original contract but also allowed us to successfully bid for further work in the region. We have complete confidence in Strategia’s ability to deliver the support we need, where and when we need it and would have no hesitation in using their services again.”

Sara BondHead of Legal, Sunset & Vine

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