Strategy Design, Planning & Execution

We work with our clients to design an integrated strategy to enable the transfer, treatment, toleration or termination of identified risks and to assist with execution. Our rigorous approach to strategy design is drawn from the established military methodology of campaign planning combined with sector, regional and technical expertise.

If required, we can provide a full spectrum execution capability including a programme director and Project Management Office (PMO), or discrete specialist assistance as needed.



Team deployed to write Licence to Operate (LTO) strategy needed to protect company value and reputation.


A small team performed a comprehensive diagnosis that highlighted the severe challenges undermining the client’s ability to operate in the country, a vital part of the company’s global business.


The client is now in a position to implement a strategy for mitigating risk across the business and achieve its long-term vision. Value protected: $2 billion.

“Strategia worked with our team on-the-ground to quickly understand, analyse, and propose concrete solutions for a number of complex and inter-connected problems we were facing. The approach they used allowed us to situate the problems that mining companies face in a broader context and develop strategies to better manage risk”

Kelvin DushniskyPresident Barrick Gold

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