Neil Marshall // Associate Director

Expertise: Strategy Design, Leadership Development and Crisis Management

Locations: Worldwide (UK based).

Neil served for 33 years in the British Army in a number of senior leadership, strategic advisory and training and education roles.  He is a former senior advisor to the Commander and staff at United States Military Central Command Headquarters, Director of the internationally renowned UK Defence Academy’s Higher Command and Staff Course and was a key member of the UK’s Defence Crisis Management Organisation between 2002 and 2017; consequently he has deep expertise in multiple stakeholder strategic planning and advice, policy development, inter-agency crisis planning and decision making in dynamic environments. He also has extensive experience in leading organisational change and developing, coaching and mentoring leaders at all levels within complex organisations.
While with United States Central Command with responsibility for providing analytical, strategy and policy advice to US senior leadership covering 20 countries from Egypt in the west through the Middle East to Pakistan via Afghanistan in the east, he persuaded US leadership to significantly improve their strategic decision making model to incorporate international partners’ views and policy considerations at key decision points.  He then helped design the revised operating model and oversaw its implementation bringing far greater international collaboration, efficiency and strategic coherence than was hitherto the case.   
Neil has subsequently focussed on advising and mentoring senior and emerging leaders to operate more effectively in today’s complex multi stakeholder, multi agency operating environment.