Rob Weighill // Associate Director

Expertise: Analysis and Strategy Design.
Locations: Global (UK based).

33 years in the British Army, spanning extensive operational command and staff experience, culminating in service with NATO’s Southern Flank Joint Headquarters based in Naples as a 2 star general.  Accrued considerable understanding and aptitude for complex, joint, multi-agency planning and development of contingencies stemming from crisis management in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, North Africa, Middle East and Mediterranean.  In early 2011, and under intense political and strategic scrutiny, led the rapid planning for NATO’s joint air and maritime operations in Libya and subsequently held the position of operations director for the duration of the 7 month mission to protect civilians under a UN Mandate.  Also led and sustained effective international, government-level engagement and influence with non-NATO stakeholders to build relationships, generate mutual trust and increase their collective potential to integrate with NATO during crisis response operations.  His ability to interpret and understand complex situations, conduct detailed integrated analysis to formulate an effective diagnosis and capacity to generate strategic plans ideally qualifies him to identify and mitigate risk to promote economic advantage, especially for organisations operating in challenging environments.