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China avoids trap of war with the US – by Toh Han Shih

By 13/08/2020June 3rd, 2021No Comments

The damage done by the leaking of the UK Ambassador’s correspondence, about the President of the United States, is a timely reminder that there are always risks in communicating in a digital world.

An excellent article in The Independent by Strategia’s Associate Director Toh Han Shih on whether China and the US will go to war and US economic sanctions affecting banks.

‘As Sino-US relations continue to dive, the prospect of further US economic sanctions against China-related entities is all but certain, while fear of war between the two superpowers is growing. However, the Chinese government has deliberately been playing it cool to avoid falling into the Thucydides’ trap of war with the preeminent world power.’

To read the article in full please click here.