War Gaming / Stress Testing

Wargaming is a decision-making tool to stress-test and evaluate plans, to expose unidentified risks and to identify potential opportunities. It provides structured but intellectually liberating ‘safe-to-fail environments that support decision making and planning, improve resilience and create competitive advantage, at relatively low cost.

Strategia Worldwide uses this tool to assist clients to test planning assumptions and anticipate potential outcomes of actions. Our wargames are tailored to the specific requirements of each client and range from half day wargames, based on simple but realistic pre-defined scenarios, to complex live wargames, that involve open-ended scenarios actively challenged by a ‘red-team’ role playing stakeholders and potential opposition.

Our Approach

Wargames are designed to meet the specific requirements of the client, therefore the design and development phase is a close collaborative process between Strategia and the client that will consider the following:

  • Clarification of aims, objectives and desired outcomes. This is a collaboration led by the client, supported by Strategia to ensure the wargame meets the client’s requirements
  • Selection of wargaming methodology that best suits the client’s commercial practices. This could range from a relatively informal ‘table-top’ wargame to a more structured session where the company’s actions are challenged by a ‘red team’ role-playing political actors, competitors, regulators and other stakeholders. At each ‘move’ or stage of the client’s, the ‘red team’ announces how it would counter or pre-empt what is planned
  • Research requirements in order to clarify the commercial strategy, potential risks and single points of failure in order to enable the development of the scenario. Specific vignettes or ‘injects’ will be developed within the scenario to enable the examination of these plans and potential risks
  • The means of wargame delivery including participant selection, venue, technical and administrative support and rehearsal


By combining our commercial and military experience we will carefully define the aims and objectives in order to deliver a structured and assessed wargame that allows you to stress- test and evaluate plans and scenarios. You will receive a post-wargame report that identifies potential opportunities and risk in order to:

  • Assure the client’s leadership that the Company’s strategy is sound and/or
  • Identify risk(s) that need to be addressed and outline plans to mitigate them
  • Identify/recommend key lessons that can be taken forward to improve individual, team and company effectiveness
  • Above all, minimize risks and achieve a greater likelihood of success

“Strategia’s Africa specialists conducted a bespoke ‘360’ risk assessment of AWF operations across Sub-Saharan Africa together with a detailed security review of our Head Office operation in Nairobi. Risks which affected our strategy were identified, followed by clear and incisive recommendations. Strategia’s deep knowledge of the geo-political space we operate in, combined with their unparalleled on the ground practical experience gave us a unique opportunity to review our approach to risk.”

Tom Ogilvie-GrahamCEO Africa Wildlife Foundation

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