Expertise: Climate risk, climate security, transition to a sustainable footing, training for sustainability.

Location: Global (Vienna based)

Damien is an EU licensed management consultant, specialising in sustainability and climate change. By background Damien has considerable experience in the defence sector and latterly worked as a diplomat in Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Throughout his career his focus has been in the areas of learning and development. In addition to ten years living in continental Europe Damien has lived in Cyprus and the South Atlantic; as a young man he spent two years travelling the world. He has deployed repeatedly across the globe in operational, consulting and training capacities.


Throughout his career and academic studies Damien has developed a strong engagement with the environment, climate and sustainability, including working on government-to-government events across Europe up to Head-of-State level. Now resident in Vienna, and a competent German speaker, Damien has been working with a number of prestigious clients, helping them to transition to a more sustainable footing. He is particularly good at connecting complementary people and organisations for the good of all. Damien has a strong academic pedigree, including three masters degrees. He is an alumni of the Cambridge University Sustainable Leadership programme and is a Fellow of IEMA.