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Debevoise Women’s Review – Interview With Senior Advisor Tangy Morgan

By 01/02/2019June 3rd, 2021No Comments

Strategia Worldwide’s Senior Advisor, Tangy Morgan, was recently interviewed by Akima Paul Lambert and Nadya Rouben for Debevoise’s Women’s Review. An excellent interview that reveals many fascinating details about the various chapters of her career, her experience as a woman in the financial services sector and her views on cultivating talent and promoting diversity.

“I have always tried to remain motivated by the fact that I was different. It really helped me to stand out as a trailblazer, and I took great pride in being a woman of color in this industry. It has been fun being different: I celebrate it. When I walk into a room for a meeting, they don’t forget me.”

“I was conscious of negative stereotypes that abounded but I chose not to focus on them or the barriers that were supposedly in my way. I chose to keep my focus on my work.”

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