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Fusing commercial expertise with military best practice, we understand, test and manage interconnected risks in an integrated and rigorous way, to protect the value of our clients’ investments.

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We support clients with detailed and rigorous understanding of their risks, particularly Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks, while keeping sight of related risks, such as security – and the linkages between them.


We work with our clients to design an integrated strategy to enable the transfer, treatment, toleration or termination of identified risks and to assist with execution. Our rigorous approach to strategy design is drawn from the established military methodology of campaign planning combined with sector, regional and technical expertise.


We use wargaming and ‘red-teaming’ to stress-test and evaluate plans against different scenarios, to expose unidentified risks and potential opportunities.


We test and, if required, design crisis management plans for organisations – to help them plan for and resolve major crisis events that threaten the reputational, commercial and strategic interests of an organisation.

Sectors & Expertise


The mining team comprises highly experienced professionals with technical, geographical and board level experience in the mining sector. The team is led by the ex CEO of a FTSE 100 mining company and a former head of mining & metals at Standard Bank.


Our diverse expertise in the energy sector includes experts in regulatory, legal, ESG, geology and engineering as well as board level oil & gas experience. The energy team is led by ex President for ConocoPhillips Nigeria and a General Counsel and Company Secretary in international oil and gas, including over 20 years of local and management experience at BP.


We combine deep financial services expertise, particularly regulatory risk, underpinned by our military methodology to help understand and manage risk across the financial services industry. The team is led by former COOs at Marsh UK and the former CEO of Aon Hewitt in the Netherlands.


We believe our unique approach to risk management is ideally suited to large infrastructure projects, where our combination of commercial and military expertise alongside our expeditionary mindset enables us to deliver robust risk management solutions.


We have unrivalled experience dealing with global security challenges, from strategic to tactical, in some of the most intractable regions around the world. The expertise and hard-won experience of the ex-military members of our team speaks for itself.


Environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk is increasingly a strategic Board level issue for companies and those investing in them. For companies to enhance and protect business value, they must focus on integrating the management of  ESG risks into the mainstream of business management.


Our network of associates include former ministers, senior military commanders, ambassadors, military attaches and other high grade professionals with deep expertise across the globe, including Latin America, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Horn of Africa, Australasia, Asia and Central & Eastern Europe.


Strategia integrates the technical and non-technical elements of cyber security into its analysis and recommendations, providing insights and solutions that align with assessed threats, vulnerabilities and current best-practice.  We tailor teams of experts to support a project or can provide an experienced cyber lead where the confidentiality, integrity or availability of a client’s information and processes, or data protection, are identified as key risks.

“We have a global network of associates carefully chosen for their regional, sector and technical expertise. This combination of diverse experience, underpinned by our rigorous military methodology, enables us to work with clients in the most complex environments, understanding, managing and treating risks, which may not always be apparent to the boardroom.”

Co-Founder General Sir Richard ShirreffNATO’s Ex-Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe

“Strategia is different from other risk management companies because unlike the traditional - audit led - ‘left to right’ process, we think ‘right to left’; linking risk to strategy. We also believe that risk can't be addressed in ‘silos’ as too often it is the combination of risks that are the most toxic”

Co-Founder Iain PickardFormer COO at Marsh UK, Change Director for Aon UK and Head of Financial Services at RSM

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